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If you plan on being profitable in the next few months, then you must provide your staff with resources and tools to help them excel. What they do, and don't do, during these difficult times can set you up for success or failure.


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Your team could make better use of their time by learning more. Membership plans include up to 20 team members and direct access to every course, module, and resource on our site.



 Reduce cancellations and no shows 

Learn the correct time and method for asking for reviews and referrals 

Improve patient communication and customer service 

Get unlimited access to every course.

Dental Assistants

Productively filling non-patient time

Learn to become a leader in your dental practice 

Understand doctor expectations 

Scheduling Coordinators

Master confirmation calls  

Schedule for production goals 

learn to manage both the doctor and hygiene schedule + cancellations 

Dental Hygienists

Explain Perio in a way that makes sense to patients 

Learn how to build customer relationships 

 Master the hand-off from reception through the appointment 

Financial Coordinators

Improve patient understanding of insurance and payment optoins 

How to present treatment estimates  

How to handle and reduce AR


Lead a profitable business

How to implement training for your team  

Learn the ins and outs of customer service and building patient rapport  

Treatment Coordinators

increases case acceptance through communication   

Get your patients to say "Yes!" to treatment 

Learn how to discuss payment options  

Office Managers

Learn the keys to growing a practice 

Create sustainable processes through the office  

Motivate your team for success

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Dental Training & Resource Center

- Laura Hatch, the leading authority on dental front office training.

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A well-trained dental team equates to a higher production value.

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Meet Laura Hatch

Laura Hatch, the leading authority on virtual dental front office training, is the founder of Front Office Rocks — a web-based, on-demand front office training program for dental practices. In addition to that, she has built and managed two fee-for-service dental practices. Laura is committed to learning how to manage and empower team members, and was recognized as one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2016.


Get unlimited access to every course.

We get real results for our members.

Dr. James Maxwell | Dentist

 “We’ve been a Front Office Rocks customer for several years. Laura’s content has remained our go to training material even with team changes & when using different coaching companies. It’s definitely more than worth the cost! I can’t think of anything in my practice that has been of a greater value over time for us.”

Dr. Kevin Hintz | Dentist

 “I have used Front Office Rocks for over 1 year. It has changed the way my practice and my team operate! I feel it's the most bang for one's buck when it comes to ongoing support and learning. Why spend tens of thousands on a consultant when you can get much more for cheaper. Our overheads are constantly on the rise. Thanks!” 

Ashley Hanson | Office Manager

“This is very informative online training for not only front office team members but also for clinical staff. It is very nice to have this training available to guide new front office employees.”